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6 Tips to Follow if You Really Want to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight in any weight loss program, you need to find out the real reasons to lose weight so that you can stick with the program. In addition, you need to get useful weight loss tips from time to time besides adjusting your food and nutrition aspect and performing right exercise for healthy weight loss purpose.

Below are 6 tips to follow if you want to lose weight:

6 tips to follow if you want to lose weight
  • 1) Tend your Garden Tending a garden provides 2 great bonuses if you want to lose weight in any program for weight loss. First of all, pulling weeds, hoeing, shoveling, tilling and pruning require energy expenditure, and thus burn calories. Next, you are much more likely to eat vegetables and fruits as they come from your own garden or orchard. In fact, a garden can be a reliable source for fresh foods that have much more to offer in the way of taste and nutrition. This is good especially for healthy weight loss purpose. For example, a vine-ripened tomato provides much more nutrient and palate satisfaction than a canned or unripened tomato from a grocery store.

  • 2) Walk a Dog A dog can make walking, jogging or running more fun, and in many cases, a dog can provide a measure of safety as you exercise. It is really a good companion if you want to lose weight. So, use your pet’s need to go outside as your reason to limber up. If you do not have a dog to walk, borrow one from neighbor.

  • 3) Use Fat and Sugar Substitutes We need to thank to the modification world today as you do not have to sacrifice taste to eat healthfully, even though for you to lose weight. Now you can always use substitutes for fat and sugar when you cook and bake. For example, you can add spices, herbs and flavored vinegars instead of putting butter on vegetables. You can also substitute ground turkey for ground beef, and substitute mustard for mayonnaise. Besides, use lower caloric cocoa powder instead of chocolate, use nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream. You can substitute chicken bouillon for butter in making mashed potatoes. In fact, the list of healthy substitutions is endless, waiting you to sought it out and experiment them. And, don’t forget to reduce the amount of sugar by one-half in many standard dessert recipes. You will find you still can enjoy a lot of favorite foods and still can lose weight.

  • 4) Never Eat Food from Original Container If you want to lose weight for healthy weight loss purpose, always place the food onto a plate or bowl first before having your meal; and always pour beverages into drinking glasses. This applies even to so-called “individual serving size” containers. Apart from that, practice eating only when you sit down, with the food placed on a table in front of you. You will exert control over the food items you consume in establishing these eating habits and it helps you to lose weight. Now you are likely to prepare more balanced meals, with each item in proper quantity. Subconsciously, you are also more apt to realize you have eaten if you make it a conscious affair. This eating habit is recommended in healthy weight loss program.

  • 5) Drink Water before Meal Drink a glass of water before having each meal if you really want to lose weight in any program for weight loss. When you drink water, it means less food is needed for you to feel full. We know that water has no calories, so it is good for you for healthy weight loss purpose. If you do not enjoy drinking plain water, add a slice lime or lemon, or add a few drops of flavoring extract into it.

  • 6) Start Today Do not procrastinate. Start today if you really want to lose weight. The best time for changing your life is not the first day of a new year, but today – the first day of the rest of your life. Set goals and develop a plan. You need to get started if you want to lose weight. And then work the plan you have made. As long as you have a good weight loss plan and work your plan as scheduled, what you need to do is be patience. You do not gain weight in few days time, so please don’t expect miracle happens overnight. You need patience as well as hard work to reach any worthy goal, especially if you want to lose weight in any healthy weight loss program.