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Lose Weight With New York Hypnosis – How To Choose The Best Hypnotist To Help You Shed Those Pounds !

Lose weight permanently, not all New York hypnotists treat weight loss the same way. Most New York hypnotist’s, because of their limited training in area, their only skill set is to simply read a hypnosis script which they received with their training. These scripts are generic and as you realize, meant for the masses, are not usually catered to your particular situation and health needs. When the hypnosis technique is effective, it usually gathers short term results. Understand, Hypnotists are trained to hypnotize you, lead you in a state where you are suggestible, they are not weight loss professionals or nutritionists, nor, is it a part of their training.

New York Hypnosis

In theory, the typically conventional weight loss programs engage the part of the conscious mind usually referred to as will power. Whether these programs involve calorie restriction, exercise, drugs, or depriving oneself, they all seem to fail to address the root cause of why a person is overweight. Realize, all hypnotists are not created equal in their training or experience. If you go to a New York Hypnosis Weight Loss professional, question several over the phone. Don’t be fooled by a beautiful webpage as usually that was compiled by a web marketing company and does not usually express and does not only tout the true experience of the hypnotists.

There are two schools of weight loss hypnosis out there:

  • 1) 95 % of New York Hypnotists are trained to read a script. They have no nutritional training even though they may have a webpage misleading you. Scripts have limited use. Before you spend your hard earned money, you can experience what these hypnotists do, by closing your eyes and listening to a Hypnosis Weight Loss conditioning on Youtube, and IT’S FREE!

  • 2) Regression based hypnotists who clear up past issues through a process of mental rescripting. Most over eating is due to emotional issues. As some therapists refer it to: “Filling that empty space, out of boredom, loneliness, or a way to make sure they’re not attractive to others due to childhood traumas.” There are very few of these hypnotists left. One was Jeffrey Cohen, for whom this site was originally set up. The other hypnotists we found, is Manhattan based, New York Hypnotist, John Petrocelli, who does super sessions for Weight Loss, and the first session lasts typically is from 3 1/2 to 6 hours and is designed to change those earlier memories that keep one eating, even after their bodies needs have already received all the nutrition they need. A regression based hypnotist, specialize in this area. Make sure these aren’t hour long sessions, make sure they aren’t charging your by the hour, as the most effective results our readers have reported, is those who’ve gone through longs sessions. After a regression-based session, you should through hypnosis reach an understanding of why the weight has piled on in the first place. An experienced New York Hypnosis weight loss professional will help you Learn what purpose the extra weight is serving and how that understanding of your issues and needs might be met in a less destructive and perhaps more holistic way. Again, there are distinctions in hypnosis, especially amongst New York Hypnotists and with the ability to advertise on google, the ads that come up first, are usually marketerers., The hypnotists at NYHC in Manhattan NYC, have a number of methods at their disposal that would be helpful in achieving a permanent change in your relationship with food. In addition to the emotional, habitual and cultural drivers behind inappropriate eating patterns, the NYHC would be remiss if the physiological aspect to weight gain were not addressed. To learn more please consult the Nutrition page on this site.


In our research, we’ve checked out the New York Hypnotists that have the most marketing out there. This doesn’t mean they are effective. Here’s what we found. PAID ARTICLES (self written) appearing in Major Magazines – Misleading Usually these are written by professionals and the hypnotists pay for them, giving them instant credibility, totally self touting, but they’re not indicative of the hypnotists true skills or results. Marie Claire and all the major magazines will allow you to publish a pull out out, LOOKING LIKE AN OBJECTIVE ARTICLE, if you’re willing to pay for it. We found this very misleading and one of our researchers said, the ‘so-called’ celebrity hypnotist, had less time for the session and had less concern for her.