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    Weight Loss

How to Get Started if You Want to Lose Weight

There are over thousands articles teaching you how to get started if you want to lose weight. Anyhow, my advice is put aside first all the ideas and information in your hand. Let’s back to the basic thing we need to know and do before you start a program for weight loss.

Adjust Your Diet Habit
  • Step # 1: Understand Your Current Body Situation The first step you want to lose weight is getting to know your current body situation, including your BMI, BMR, ideal body weight and body fat percentage. Understand this weight loss concept terms and get the number will let you know where you are right now. Don’t make a guess or feel on your body weight if you really want to lose weight. Invest a body fat analyzer if you afford. A simple one costs you less than USD50. Go to my articles at weight loss concept if you like to calculate your BMI, ideal weight and BMR by yourself. Calculate also the amount of calories you needed for daily activities.

    Always remember the body weight equations if you want to lose weight:

    Calories Consumed > Calories Expended = Body Weight Increase
    Calories Consumed < Calories Expended = Body Weight Decrease

  • Step # 2: Set Goal and Make Declaration

    If you are serious enough and really want to lose weight, goal setting is the right tool for you. Set a realistic goal, please. Normally, losing weight of 2kg to 4kg per month is fair enough in a healthy weight loss program. Tell your friends around you that you want to lose weight. Get their support and reminder, and usually they are willing to help you. Find a partner to work with is a good idea, but it is not a necessary thing if you want to lose weight as long as you have a determined goal to achieve.

  • Step # 3: Adjust Your Diet Habit

    If you want to lose weight, adjust your diet habit to an extent that having an appropriate amount of nutrition (proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin and fat) after consideration its quality and quantity consumption to avoid getting too much calories. How much of food is considered too much? If you don’t have any idea about calories counting, your hands are simply good enough to determine portions of food to be consumed. This is so called “3333″ diet habit, which recommend we take 3 servings of fruits, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates in our daily meal with minimum fats.

  • Step # 4: Doing Right Weight Loss Exercise

    There is no short cut if you want to lose weight. Whenever you burn calories more than you put in, you will lose excess body fat. Generally, there are two components of regular exercises including aerobic exercise and strength training. Both types of exercises can help in boosting metabolism. Anyhow, strength training has better results in building lean muscle, which helps in boosting metabolism not only at the time you perform strength training, but also afterwards when your body maintains its newly rebuilt lean muscles. In short, focus more on strength training if you want to lose weight fast and have better results in a program for weight loss.

  • Step # 5: Having Right Supplement

    This is the common query a lot of people voice out when they want to lose weight: “Is supplement needed in a healthy weight loss program?” Actually, we need to consume appropriate supplement if we want to lose weight. This is because fat burning process increases production of free radicals, which is the cause of over 100 types of deceases. In addition, studies also revealed that people under weight loss program who consumed a multivitamin supplement had the greatest loss of body fat compared to those who did not consumed supplement. Please refer to multivitamin supplement article for details of the studies. However, you need to be very careful in choosing supplement if you want to lose weight as there are tons of so-called weight loss supplements on the market. Select the one which have scientific proof effective ingredients and is safe to consume in a program for weight loss. These are the 5 steps to look at if you want to lose weight. Make use of these tips on weight loss and include all of them in your weight loss program.